Taiwan Miaoli Court where the train station is suspicious items police block the scene

The first platform of the station at the station is also found by the people.
According to Taiwan's "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan Railway Songshan Railway Station on the 7th occurred within the range of car explosion accident, causing more than injuries, did not expect 8 morning, the Taiwan Railway Miaoli Court in the first train station The platform was also found by the people in the trash next to a suspicious items, the box next to the IC version and the wire. Railway police did not dare to carelessly, has immediately blocked the scene, and contact the Taiwan Central Crime Strike Center explosion-proof group to the scene, whether the crack is still to be verified. Court in the train station low-key point that 8 morning found this item, do not know whether the passenger left, the station did not dare to have the effect of contact with the police, the scene has been pulled up the blockade, the jurisdiction of the railway police station Taichung branch of a large police station Also led by the leader to understand the scene.

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