Driver drunk driving streak 12 people 6 seriously injured was arrested and asked why catch me

There were eight people injured in the accident

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The world's largest aircraft for the first time successful flight test hovering a week landing

Britain to build the world's largest aircraft Airlander 10 plans to conduct the first test on the 14th

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Beijing police disclosed "639 bus arson" disposal of the situation

Fortunately, drivers, flight attendants and passengers in time to stop the fire and control the suspects

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Kazakhstan Air Force a fighter crash is looking for crew (Figure)

Kazakhstan Defense Ministry issued a message on the 24th

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Islamic countries "territory" shrinkage reduced by more than 10,000 square kilometers

Entrenched in Iraq and Syria in the extreme organization

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Sichuan on the 19th floor of the high pole pole stands nearly 10 years will soon be removed

They will use 3 days to remove the poles

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Female suspects accused of committing more thefts: every time a white

Video surveillance in the photographed is the white woman

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Philippine Senator Gris - Fu was ruled not to be eligible for the presidency

Manila, 1 December (Xinhua) A group of Filipino Electoral Affairs Commission (Election Committee) ruled that the country's senator, Grise Fu, did not qualify for the next president

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The man ran the drift in the middle of the night

Finally due to an action out of control

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Duttertt accepts an interview with Shui Junyi: Only China will help us

Philippine President Dutttter paid a state visit to China from 18 to 21

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Fujian, a hospital was exposed doctors holding a knife to increase the cost of surgery more than 9 thousand

Mr. Zheng felt that the hospital was slaughtered

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Workers pay "high Fu Shuai" beautiful female college students were destroyed (Photos)

The victim side of a nude will be sent to their own Wu

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The SDF will launch a new mission training security law into the use phase

The Japanese government envisions a new task for the future participation of the United Nations Land Guard forces in the South Sudan peacekeeping operations (PKO)

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Director of the videotape female staff nude said in order to let it know the social sinister

Wang Mouling will curse the leaves of a sentence

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Indian police want to strengthen the Dalai Lama falsely claimed that China plans to send spies assassination

This is not the first time that some Indian media and the Dalai Lama have accused China of spies threatening its security

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Canadian priest in North Korea's labor camps: for the kind of apple tree digging

Lin Xianzhu can also send a letter to his family every month

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26 provinces and cities nationwide to cancel the evening marriage male paternity leave the longest 30 days off

A husband and wife who have children who meet the requirements of this Ordinance

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The two men pay an unsuccessful to "jump" to get paid after being detained

Men Yang, Wang recently in the county for the town of Jinqu Town, the installation of air conditioning

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Foreign media: compared to Hollywood stars Chinese audience more love local small fresh meat

Hollywood movies used to use China as a background against American stars

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